MME: Mosquitoes, Malaria & Education

In a TEDtalks video posted in 2009 (and included below) Bill Gates speaks to the importance of education and battle against malaria. In his talk, Gates generates laughter as he points out the startling divide between the have and have not countries in terms of medical investment by drawing a parallel between male pattern baldness, and yes, malaria. In this obnoxious comparison, Gates quickly and non-threateningly points out our need to stop the spread of malaria by seeing it for what it is: A dangerous disease that still affects a large number of people around the world.

To reiterate this point, Gates states: “Over 200 million people at any one time are suffering from [malaria]. It means that you can”t get the economies in these areas going because [the disease] just holds things back so much.” And, if history shows us anything – you need to have a wealthy economy to invest in medical treatments and the eradication of diseases. So, it seems we”re at a stalemate.

But, we don’t have to be. That”s where MST picks up: We know and see the value of education in the battle against malaria. A powerful tool that even Gates highlights in his talk. To be part of the solution, we need to understand the problem and grapple with ways to deal with it. Watch Gates’ video, and contact us today to become part of the team dedicated to stamping out malaria – one mosquito at a time.

Bill Gates on Mosquitos, Malaria & Education