Are you ready to take a swat at malaria?

It”s easy to be discouraged by the problem of malaria. One of the most destructive diseases on Earth, malaria infects between 300 and 550 million people around the world every year. While it”s true it just takes S’agissant de cela, … Continue reading

Big Problem, Tiny Cause

“Anyone who thinks that they are too small to make a difference has never tried to fall asleep with a mosquito in the room.” It”s true, isn”t it? Have you ever been camping or at the cottage and woken up … Continue reading

Introducing Our Partner: Spread the Net

english essay writers p>We knew MST would have a huge impact in raising both awareness of and funds for the fight against malaria. Finding effective partnerships, such as the one we”ve formed with Spread the Net, will ensure that we … Continue reading

MME: Mosquitoes, Malaria & Education

In a TEDtalks video posted in 2009 (and included below) Bill Gates speaks to the importance of education and battle against malaria. In his talk, Gates generates laughter as he points out the startling divide between the have and have … Continue reading

Malaria education programs (416) 877-3570 "school assembly programs canada"

penis growth h2>Malaria education programs “The Most Common Symptoms of Malaria” The symptoms of malaria can be small or big but you need to take each one of them seriously. Malaria attacks your body in a cyclical fashion so it … Continue reading

MST Live on February 6th

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School assembly presentation ideas “malaria treatment” show

Malaria Symptoms – Recognizing the Most Common Ones via school assembly presentation ideas. Malaria is a widespread and infectious disease that is most commonly spread by mosquitoes. Anybody who lives, spends time in or travels to someplace where the disease is … Continue reading

School assembly programs 2013 "malaria cure" (416) 877-3570

School assembly programs 2013 “mosquitoes suck tour” There are many reasons that people fear malaria, a disease to be reckoned with. Even though medicine today has gone far, it has yet to find a cure that stops every form of … Continue reading

malaria treatment in children and malaria education programs ontario canada

School assembly ideas and malaria : What You Ought To Understand About The Symptoms Of Malaria and malaria treatment in children. Malaria is a serious disease and it”s critical to be able to recognize its symptoms. Getting medical help at the earliest possible time … Continue reading


Chaing Mai has an almost peaceful bustle to it. No frenetic hurry here. A South East Asian pace and in many ways quieter and more relaxed than many cities I’ve visited over the years. Not so much noise and not … Continue reading