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Malaria education programs “The Most Common Symptoms of Malaria”

The symptoms of malaria can be small or big but you need to take each one of them seriously. Malaria attacks your body in a cyclical fashion so it is important to understand that your symptoms are going to appear, disappear and reappear. To help you understand this illness more thoroughly, we’ll be covering some of its symptoms, as well as some commonsense ways to avoid malaria.

Malaria education programs

Most of us know a little about malaria and some of the symptoms. At the same time, it is still a largely misunderstood disease. There’s the mistaken belief that malaria is contagious. Malaria is contracted from mosquitoes, not from people who have the disease. So if someone around you has symptoms of malaria, you don’t have to worry about catching it from them. You should be careful about mosquitoes and mosquito bites, however. They may be carrying the disease if several people close to you are getting ill with malaria.
When you’re planning to travel to another country, there are vaccines you need to get before going there. However, up until now, a vaccine for malaria is not available. Instead, you’ll take an anti-malarial medication a week or so before you go to a place where there is a high risk of malaria. The anti-malarial medication must be taken the entire time you’re at your destination and when you get back home, you’ll need to keep taking it for about a month more. It”s important to mention that many anti-malarial medications have serious side effects. They are not recommended for those who have certain health conditions. Then again, you are not 100% protected from malaria when you take these medications. Thus, it’s best if you don’t travel to places where there are outbreaks of malaria. If you need up-to-date information on what countries or regions have a high malaria incidence, check out the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC. Malaria education programs are great way to spread the word about malaria control.

One of the problems that people who live in nations like the US have with their own doctors is that those doctors don’t usually have to treat malaria so they don’t have a lot of experience with the disease. Once in a while people are going to travel to a country and not take any precautions before traveling and then they won’t have any symptoms for a long time after they get home. Then they forget to tell their doctor about their trip, and the doctor assumes they have the flu or a stomach virus. This is a catastrophe because you need to treat your malaria symptoms as soon as they show up. As long as you do your homework and learn about the risks of malaria before you go to someplace in which it is present you won”t have to deal with this kind of problem.

Malaria symptoms can be super distressing but if you treat them soon enough, you usually face a pretty good prognosis. The absolute worst thing you can do is ignore your symptoms or allow yourself to believe that they can be signs of something else. The real truth is that if you have traveled somewhere in which malaria is present, you need to consider the very real possibility that you might have picked up this disease.

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