The Event

The ultimate goal of The Mosquitoes Suck Tour is to raise awareness and funds that can be used to fight malaria in the Global South, particularly Africa. We have a unique relationship with Spread the Net (STN), in which we allocate funds raised through event revenue to that organization’s bed net-provision activities – 100% of funds raised for STN goes towards purchasing bed nets. That’s right: 100%.

Maintaining a partnership with such a well-respected organization as STN has the dual benefit of ensuring that the funds we raise are utilized responsibly and efficiently, and giving potential MST venues assurance that they’re in for a quality presentation.

Accountability and credibility are not, however, the only things that make MST a dynamic awareness and fundraising initiative. Recognizing that young audiences aren’t likely to respond positively to monotonous speeches and bland presentations, MST utilizes a wide range of entertainment options including comedy, magic, and various forms of multimedia, to ensure attendees gain an introductory-level knowledge of malaria issues, while also having a good time.

Typically, MST presentations are around an hour long, and place a heavy emphasis on audience participation. We’ve had everyone from teachers to students to policemen participate in our comedy and magical acts, and aim to make the educational portion of the show as engaging and light-hearted as possible, while also stressing the urgency of the malaria issue. Most importantly, MST strives to meet the specific requirements of the venue at hand. In other words, we’re prepared to custom-build the presentation in order to most effectively reach our audience, whatever the setting.