Spread the Net

MST is excited to announce a dynamic partnership with Spread the Net (STN), a grassroots charity organization focused on educating and empowering Canadian youth to engage in ending preventable deaths caused by Malaria. Selling incecticide-treated bednets for $10 each, STN set anĀ  original goal fo 500 thousand nets to be sent to African countries (namely Liberia and Rwanda). Since hitting it’s goal, STN continues to raise funds to deliver bed nets to countries in need.

Through the MST partnership, 100% of proceeds raised from a MST show will go to support STN. You read that right: 100%. The more involved Canadian schools become with MST, the greater the impact we have in stopping the spread of this preventable disease.

To learn more about STN, book a MST show today, or visit them online or join their Facebook page.